Quality Work

L. Grasse & Associates, Inc. will not sacrifice quality on a project in an effort to maintain schedule or cost control. All personnel, from management and design professional associates through our field craft personnel, have been selected to achieve expected quality levels on every project, while identifying and executing techniques to maintain cost and schedule.

During the early phases of design and construction, understanding and agreement to quality expectations are determined. We encourage continual communication with our clients, which results in project quality and satisfaction.

The value of a contract includes many intangible items in addition to cost. We will review the sometime overlooked owner's needs such as product standardization for future maintenance, flexible access for sewer cleaning and maintenance, accurate as-built drawings, to list a few. Grasse & Associates will address the plumbing and fire system to meet the buildings overall needs, such as flexible utilities for future tenants, the current needs of existing tenants, and the more permanent building overall needs.